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Designing an Instructional Game for Healthcare? Not Sure Where to Start?

Date: 19 Oct 2022, Wed | Time: 1430 - 1600 | Track Type: Workshop
Format: Face-to-face | Venue: L1-S3, Academia
Category: Technology & Innovation | Workshop Level: Novice, Intermediate

Speakers: Dr Bina Rai and Prof Fatimah Lateef

Regardless of what process is used, once a game, gamification, or simulation is conceptualised, there is going to be a need to articulate the design, goals, and outcomes for internal team's use and to share with an audience outside of the project team. This typically requires the use of some type of design document. This workshop will touch on elements that drive learner motivation and engagement and should be contained within a design document. These elements include feedback points, badges, and leaderboards, levels, storytelling, and scoring. Participants will be guided to complete a design document using examples shared by the instructor or their own ideas.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will learn how to design an instructional game for healthcare and to consider what are the key elements to look out for when designing such games. They will also learn how to articulate their games ideas effectively and efficiently as they go through the various design elements.

Delegates joining this workshop will need to access to the web-based app Rolljak at 

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