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Bridging Ideation with Validation in Digital Medicine via Interdisciplinary Empathy and Education

Date: 19 Oct 2022, Wed | Time: 1225 - 1315 | Track Type: Keynote
Format: Face-to-face & Virtual Livestream | Venue: The NAK Auditorium, Academia

Speaker: Prof Dean Ho 

As the future of healthcare continues to take shape, developing effective workflows that bridge ideation with deployment will be essential. The fruition of these workflows will be catalysed by a re-imagination of the interdisciplinary innovation landscape, as technology alone cannot result in practice-changing medicine. Critical stakeholders from disciplines that span digital medicine to design, behavioural/implementation sciences, healthcare economics, educational technology and many others will play vital roles in bringing these practice-changing innovations to fruition.

At the intersection of these collaborations, interdisciplinary empathy will also serve as a critical foundation to ensure that seamless and sustainable workflows enable promising technologies to be validated, deployed, and ultimately adopted. Towards these objectives, this talk will address our recent technology and clinical development as well as behavioural sciences studies at N.1 and WisDM. Our programmes are re-imagining interdisciplinary engagement to dynamically tailor patient-specific treatment outcomes for indications ranging from oncology to digital therapeutics. Our workflows ultimately aim to increase accessibility to optimised medicine driven via whole-of-community efforts towards reduced healthcare costs and ultimately practice-changing medicine.

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