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Parallel Sessions

​Bookmark this page for regular updates as we reveal the parallel sessions line-up for S3 Conference 2022!

Jump to: Assessment using Simulation | Centre Management and Technical Operations | Curriculum Design and DevelopmentFaculty Development and Debriefing | Integration of Research in Simulation | Interprofessional Education | Patient Safety/Quality Improvement | Technology and Innovation | Expert Panel

Assessment using Simulation

  1. Improve Learning Outcomes Using VR Anatomy Software for Clinical Learners

Centre Management and Technical Operations

  1. Simulation Manikin Troubleshooting and Quick Solutions in Under 10-minutes

Curriculum Design and Development
  1. How to Perform A Critical Review of Simulation Cases to Address Medical Content and Operation Needs
  2. Integrating Cultural Considerations into Your Simulation Centre, Programme, and Curricula
  3. Practical Fidelity – When and How Does High Fidelity Make A Difference
  4. Using Wet Specimens From A Butcher Shop for Clinical Skills Training

Faculty Development and Debriefing

  1. Clinical Event Debriefing (CED)
  2. Hot Debriefing - Strike While It's Hot, Keep the Team Together
  3. Roadmap to Conduct Healthcare Simulation Research
  4. Using Technology to Engage Learners in Your Teaching

Integration of Research in Simulation

  1. So You Want to “Do Research” – An Operations Perspective

Interprofessional Education

  1. In Situ Simulation Training for Interprofessional Teams: The Nuts and Bolts
  2. Simulation Scenario Design for Interprofessional Education
  3. Simulated Scenarios for Interprofessional Emergency Response Training at SingHealth Polyclinics

Patient Safety/Quality Improvement

  1. Effective Communication: Lessons from Human Factors Science  

Technology and Innovation

  1. Creating Low-Cost Moulage and Simulators
  2. Demonstration of Augmented and Mixed Reality Teaching Aid for Female Pelvic Examination
  3. Designing and Instructional Game for Healthcare? Not Sure Where to Start?        
  4. Gamification in Medical Education
  5. Intelligent Simulation: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Simulation Education  
  6. Tech Hack: 3D Printing Solutions for Small Projects in Simulation 
  7. Ultrasound Properties of Simulation Materials and Creation of Phantoms for Training
  8. Workshop on IoT-enabled Healthcare Solutions