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The Path To Humanism in a World of Technology

Date: 20 Oct 2022, Thu | Time: 0845 - 0930 | Track Type: Plenary
Format: Face-to-face & Virtual Livestream | Venue: The NAK Auditorium, Academia

Speaker: Prof Fatimah Lateef

Technology is here to stay and will continue to evolve. It has been assimilated into all aspects of our lives, including into medical training and education. We at the cross-roads to balance: the convergence of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, use of statistical algorithm and more, with the notion that humans/ people are the central focus of all these digital applications. Educational technology with its range of hardware, software, network infrastructure and even simulation spectrum, must be able to provide:

  1. Learning by doing
  2. Learning from feedback
  3. Learning new knowledge
  4. Regular review and update of information and knowledge

All these must be meaningful, efficient and able to fulfil humanistic inquiry. The latter comprises four elements: free will, emotions that impact learning, intrinsic motivation so the learners and the ‘core goodness’ assumption. We must not lose our human touch despite how much artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology we incorporate into our training centres and workplaces. Elements of access, flexibility, versatility, joy in learning, trust, psychological safety, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, graciousness in execution, growth, satisfaction and development of both educators and learners are important and must be given their due consideration. At the end of the day, we must get our balance, just right.

Please view livestreaming session here.

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