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Abstract Submissions 2022

  • Clinical Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Innovations
AwardAbstract TitlePresenter
WinnerIncreasing teleconsult utilisation for preoperative anaesthesia evaluation in the COVID-19 pandemic era.
Samantha Heng
1st Runner UpQI Project: Optimization of preoperative cardiac assessment guideline and cardiology referral workflow for elective surgery in the Singapore General Hospital
Clement Sim
2nd Runner UpPreliminary analysis of the feasibility of continuous non-invasive delivery of oxygen monitoring in cardiac surgery patients
Felicia Chu
Give me a drink - reducing caloric fasting time in children coming for elective surgeries
Melody Long
BloodAware: Improving Validity of Type and Screen for Patients Undergoing Major Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgery Through Implementation of A Workflow for Preoperative Type and Screen
Lim Ming Jian
Improving chronic pain patients' self-efficacy in pain management and reducing emergency department visits
Elizabeth Tan
Decreasing Patient Waiting Times for SKH Anaesthesia Pre-operative Evaluation Clinic
Leong Kah Mun, Denise Desiree Bi Si Quah
Reducing environmental pollution due to desflurane usage
Malvine Phua Wei Ming
Reconfiguration of the anaesthesia medication trolley layout to reduce medication errors
Leonard Loh


  • Clinical/Translational Research
AwardAbstract TitlePresenter
WinnerIntegrated Microfluidic Chip as a Point-of-care Test for the Rapid Diagnosis of Sepsis in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)– an exploratory study
Goh Qing Yuan
1st Runner UpEvaluation and risk assessment for persistent postsurgical pain after breast surgery: a prospective cohort study B-CAPP (Breast CAncer surgery Postsurgical Pain) study: KKH data
Aaron Kong
2nd Runner UpPost-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) Delirium – Incidence and associated risk factors
Ke Yuhe
A novel noninvasive real-time delivery of oxygen monitor in the prediction of post-operative acute kidney injury in the cardiac surgery patient
Charles Kwong
Scoping review: Can a dural puncture lead to chronic headaches
Pang Sing Ying


  • Medical Education Research
AwardAbstract TitlePresenter
WinnerMalignant Hyperthermia Preparedness through Interprofessional Education (MH-PIE): a blended learning model
Leonard Loh
1st Runner UpUse of Augmented Reality in Learning Lumbar Spinal Anatomy for Labour Epidural Training: A pilot study
Jason Chan

2nd Runner Up


COVID-19 pandemic Simulation Modeling in Anesthesia residency training to predict delays and workforce deficiencies for contingency planning
Lucy Davies
 Using the Behavioural Change Wheel to explore environmentally sustainable anaesthetic practices and perceptions in the operating theatre: a qualitative study in Singapore General Hospital
Cheryl Ho Wei Zhi, Leong Kah Mun