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ANAES ACP Academic Day 2021

Winners of the 2021 ANAES ACP Academic Day Abstract Submissions

  • Clinical Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Innovations

Award ​Abstract Title ​Presenter ​Department
​Winner ​Accelerated recovery protocol following posterior spinal fusion for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis leading to early hospital discharge: a quality improvement project ​Teddy Fabila ​Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia, KKH
​1st Runner Up ​Improved patient satisfaction through fluid administration in recovery – experience from the FLAIR (Fluids and feeding after surgery) project ​Eileen Sim ​Department of Anaesthesiology, SGH
​2nd Runner Up ​Revising Guidelines for Pre-Operative Assessment of Patients with Thyroid Disease to Reduce number of Pre-operative fT3 Tests performed ​Chua Jia Hui ​SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency Program

  • Clinical/Translational Research

Award ​Abstract Title ​Presenter ​Department
​Winner Efficacy of perineural dexamethasone in prolonging duration of analgesia with peripheral nerve blocks compared to intravenous dexamethasone: A systematic review and meta-analysis ​Elizabeth Tan ​SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency Program
​1st Runner Up ​Association of depressive symptoms, pain catastrophizing and anxiety with perceived stress in women during labor T Agarthesh ​Medical Student
​2nd Runner Up ​Inter-rater reliability of the ASA Physical Status score designation between Anaesthesiologists and Surgeons and its correlation with patient outcomes Cui Jiaqian ​Medical Officer, Department of Anaesthesiology, SGH

  • Medical Education Research

Award ​Abstract Title ​Presenter ​Department
Winner Burnout in anaesthesiology residents - A systematic review of its prevalence and stressors ​Sarah Lin ​Department of Anaesthesiology, SGH
​1st Runner Up Survey of Physician Comfort and Attitudes in Perioperative Opioid Prescription in Patients with Chronic Pain Denise Desiree Bi Si Quah ​Medical Officer, Department of Pain Medicine

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Winners of the 2021 ANAES ACP Academic Day Publication Award

  • Clinical Service / Patient Safety Improvement / Clinical Quality Assurance Programs Category
Award ​First Author ​Co-authors ​Title ​Journal ​Date Published
​Winner ​Jolin Wong ​Goh KJ, Wong J, Tien J, Ng SY, Sewa DW, Phua GC, Leong CKL ​Preparing your intensive care unit for the COVID-19 pandemic: practical considerations and strategies (article link) ​Critical Care ​11/05/2020
​1st Runner Up ​Jolin Wong ​Wong J, QY Goh, Z Tan, SA Lie, YC Tay, SY Ng, et al ​Preparing for a COVID-19 pandemic: a review of operating room outbreak response measures in a large tertiary hospital in Singapore (article link) ​Canadian Journal of Anesthesia-Journal canadien d anesthesie ​04/03/2020
​2nd Runner Up ​Lie Sui An ​Wong SW, Wong LT, Wong TGL, Chong SY ​Practical considerations for performing regional anesthesia: lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic (article link) Canadian Journal of Anesthesia-Journal canadien d anesthesie​ ​01/07/2020

  • Research
Award ​First Author ​Co-authors ​Title ​Journal ​Date Published
​Winner ​Paul Tan Hon Sen ​Tan CW, R Sultana, M Shah, WL Leong, DD Sng, ATH Sia, BL Sng ​Peripartum factors associated with subacute pain after childbirth (article link) ​Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine ​20/11/2020
​1st Runner Up
Tan Chin Wen
​Sultana R, Kee MZ, Meaney MJ,
Sng BL
​Investigating the association between labour epidural analgesia and postpartum depression: A prospective cohort study (article link) ​Eur J of Anaes ​01/09/2020
​2nd Runner Up ​Teo Li-ming ​Lim WY, Ke Y, Sia IKL, Gui CH, Abdullah HR ​A prospective observational
prevalence study of elevated
HbA1c among elective surgical
patients (article link)
​Sci Rep 01/11/2020

  • Medical Education
Award ​First Author ​Co-authors ​Title ​Journal ​Date Published
​Winner Eileen Lew 
​JC Allen, RWL Goy, F Ithnin, Sng BL. ​Determining competence in performing obstetric combined spinal-epidural procedures in junior anesthesiology residents: results from the cumulative sum analysis (article link) ​ Int Jour Obs Anes 01/11/2020

Winners of the 2021 ANAES ACP Academic Day Inspiring Teacher Award

        Click on the names of our faculty to see the nominations              

        1. Dr Andrew Roscoe
        2. A/Prof Agnes Ng
        3. Dr Chong Shin Yuet
        4. Dr Evangeline Lim
        5. Dr Lie Sui An
        6. A/Prof Ng Shin Yi
        7. Dr Ted Wong
        8. Dr Tham Kar Mun
        9. Clin A/Prof Hairil Rizal Abdullah
        10. Dr Jonathan Cheng
        11. A/Prof Ong Biauw Chi

          To see all the nominations, please click here