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Intubate, Educate and Innovate with Anaesthesiology Academic Clinical Programme


Here at ANAES ACP, we are always striving to be better for you. Through ground-breaking research and inspiring educational and innovative clinical programmes, we constantly work hard to advance your care and safety.

Our roles go beyond the operating theatres. We manage the Intensive Care Units (ICU), journeying with our patients through their critical illness. We take care of pain, both acute for patients undergoing operations and chronic long term intractable pain.

We believe in sustainability. Research and education are carried out to promote green anaesthesia, so vital to protect our fragile environment.

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, much more has been put into teaching and simulations for COVID preparedness in the operating theatres and in the ICU. Much imagination and effort have been put into new innovations to be used at the frontline. We have come up with innovative solutions such as SG-SAFE, a swab booth designed to protect our staff. More research and device development are in the pipeline.

Through your kind contributions, we hope to develop more ways of delivering safe preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care to our patients, and continue to nurture the next generation of anaesthesiologists.

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