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Why Give – Advancing Medical Education


We place a strong emphasis on educating our medical students, junior doctors and experienced specialists to build on their competencies. We teach medical students from NUS YLL, Duke-NUS and LKC medical schools. These number about 160 in total annually. Apart from practical skills, students are also mentored in research. We constantly try to innovate and improve medical students and anaesthesiology residents education through education research.


Residency Programme

The primary educational goal of our well-rounded and comprehensive Anaesthesiology Residency Programme is to provide residents the opportunity to develop to the maximum of their ability. Residents are exposed to a diverse range of clinical experience through structured subspecialty rotations that allow flexibility to meet individual goals and objectives. Throughout the residency training, residents will learn from and alongside seniors and mentors as they function as invaluable members of the healthcare team. With timely supervision, nurturing mentors and an emphasis on lifelong learning, residents will be equipped with the skills and values expected of a well-balanced, knowledgeable and compassionate consultant.

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We have always been at the forefront of simulation education. Through the use of current technology, simulation training allows anaesthesiologists to practice their decision-making and non-technical skills like communication and teamwork in a realistic and reproducible setting. We conduct more than 30 simulation sessions annually involving nurses and surgeons. Simulation is a key component for Covid-19 Preparedness to ensure the safety of patient and staff. It is also an important method for improving patient safety and quality of care at individual, team and system level by targeting team deficiencies, the greatest driver of lapses in patient safety and exposing system vulnerability and hidden system flaws.

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