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Your Gift At Work

ANAES ACP Senior Resident Talent Development Award

The award was established in 2019 with the support of our alumni and friends to provide an opportunity for the senior resident who has leadership potential to observe and learn from a different healthcare system. Through this award, the senior resident awardee will have the chance to learn best practices in the different academic areas and hopefully be the change maker in the local system upon his/her return.

Dr Leong Xin Fang

Dr Leong Xin Fang
SRTDA Awardee 2019
Spent 1 week at Duke Anaesthesiology and attended ACGME Chief Resident Course in Boston

Dr Ma Wai Wai Zaw

Dr Ma Wai Wai Zaw
SRTDA Awardee 2020
Attended INSEAD “Emerging Leaders” Course in October 2020

ANAES ACP Philanthropy Grant Call

The ANAES ACP Philanthropy Grant Call aims to provide resources in our mission to build up capabilities and track record in a strategic area within the ACP. Our area of focus in 2021 is pain medicine and 2 projects were awarded during the inaugural grant call.

Dr Diana Chan
Incidence and Factors affecting the development and outcome of post mastectomy pain syndrome – a multi-centre prospective cohort study

(Principal Investigator – Dr Diana Chan)
Dr Adeline Leong
A blended learning programme focusing on comprehensive opioid management in pain (COMP) for junior anaesthesia doctors

(Principal Investigator – Dr Adeline Leong)

SG-SAFE Project

During the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our team has developed SG-SAFE, a foldable swab screen system fitted with biosafety level 3 gloves that can help double the number of swab tests. With the generosity of donors and friends, a total of SG-Safe were fabricated and subsequently deployed to the various Covid-19 operation sites.


SG-SAFE Project
SG-SAFE Project