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Clinical Centres


Over the years, the department has grown and expanded its services to serve both local and regional patients. The outpatient workload for SGH Orthopaedic Surgery is the highest among all the restructured hospitals, with the Adult Reconstruction and Sports Medicine sub-specialties accounting for approximately half the entire workload.

The department embarked on the development of the OSJC at Level 4 of the Outram Community Hospital (OCH) in order to meet the growing demand and maintain the department's competitive edge. It is a one-stop centre focused on those with sports injuries or joint conditions, and caters to both private and subsidised patients.

The OSJC brings together a team of practitioners for a wider spectrum of team-based treatment options and is supported by complementary services such as Diagnostic Radiology and Physiotherapy. Patient care is enhanced through coordinated workflows, joint consultation and timely access for informed decision-making at a central location.

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The SGH ODC serves as an assessment and education centre for orthopaedic surgical patients. The team of specialised staff conducts pre- and post-operative functional assessments of the patients, as an independent objective evaluation of the patients' functional progress and ability to return to daily function. Pre-operative education is also conducted to mentally prepare orthopaedic patients for surgery and the rehabilitation process.

ODC believes in measuring outcomes that matter most to our patients to better understand how to improve their quality of life. ODC is possibly the only dedicated centre in Asia that monitors surgical outcomes, and systematically records the clinical performance and function of patients following surgery. The information collected in ODC has been undoubtedly useful for improvement in clinical care, research and development.


The Burns Centre is the only specialised facility managing major burn injuries in Southeast Asia, committed to providing the best medical therapy to patients. The Burns Centre is run by a dedicated team of healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, medical social workers and other ancillary staff. Together, they look after burn patients from the point of injury to their post-hospital rehabilitative period.

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The Skin Bank Unit (SBU) is located within the National Burns Centre and run by SGH's Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery for the recovery, preparation, preservation and distribution of donated skin. SBU's main objective is to provide a ready source of donor skin allografts to treat severe burns patients in Singapore.

SBU serves as a "national" bank providing skin allografts for the treatment of severe burns in Singapore and within the Southeast Asian region. There has been an increasing need for skin allografts for treatment of severe burns, particularly in times of mass disasters.