Excellence in Care – Specialised competencies help to promote learning and improvement in specific processes.

Increased Satisfaction & Cost Efficiency – For both patient and providers.


This collaborative effort between SGH and KKH manages children with hand trauma, congenital upper limb differences and upper limb movement disorders such as neonatal brachial plexus palsy and cerebral palsy. The centre's vision is to be the healthcare leader for children with congenital or acquired hand and upper limb conditions, with goals such as evidence-based medical care, being a centre of education for healthcare workers and students, and innovating through research.


Clinical Care

With clinical focus areas in reconstructive surgery, joint preservation, congenital defects and more, patients will enjoy comprehensive, seamless care under multidisciplinary teams harnessing surgical innovations and technology such as robotics. Enabling facilities such as a Performance & Assessment Centre, Imaging Centre and Centre for Value-Driven Care will aid quicker discharge to community and home.

Training Centre of Excellence

The specialty centre aims to pioneer a centre of training excellence, holistically developing musculoskeletal trainees locally and in the region, through competency-based training in Minimally Invasive Surgery / Robotics. It will deepen training and innovation with renowned academic and industry partners through synergistic collaborations, undergirded by education research and pedagogy frameworks.

Core Research Activities

The centre will spearhead core research activities in musculoekeletal sciences such as biomechanics, regenerative medicine, device development and health services research, in the form of a Musculoskeletal Centre for Biomechanics, a Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Regenerative Medicine (STIRM) Centre, and a Centre for Medical Technology Innovation.