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About Us

Launched on 26 August 2014, the SingHealth Duke-NUS Oral Health Academic Clinical Programme (ORH ACP) brings together SingHealth’s clinical strength in oral health, and Duke-NUS’ capabilities in research and medical education. The ORH ACP aims to create a vibrant academic ecosystem for new discoveries, clinical education and care innovation in oral health – and translate them where it matters most: our patients.

With Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, a higher prevalence of chronic conditions, including oral diseases, is expected. This will put increasing demands and challenges on the healthcare system. To overcome these challenges and ensure long-term sustainability, a transformation of our healthcare ecosystem, which encompasses integrated oral health management, is needed.

To enable this transformation, the ORH ACP established the National Dental Research Institute Singapore (NDRIS) to develop novel effective therapies for common chronic diseases, leverage technology to increase efficiency and introduce new care models to improve health in the community. NDRIS aims to drive oral health research and innovation in Asia, and translate research into practice to improve oral health and general health.

Complementing its research endeavours, the ORH ACP provides clinical dental education in Singapore and across the region. This academic synergy allows for the incorporation of up-to-date methodologies and technologies into the clinical training curriculum for optimal and future-oriented training. The ORH ACP trains Singapore’s future pipeline of oral healthcare professionals, including dental surgery assistants, dental technicians, radiographers, dental officers and dental specialists. Additionally, the ORH ACP offers faculty development courses and continuing dental education programmes to develop teaching faculty and dental professionals in Singapore.

The ORH ACP seeks to improve productivity, safety and standards of care for our patients through clinical innovation. For instance, it has implemented digital dentistry workflows, 3D-surgical treatment planning software and 3D-printing technologies to improve quality and value of care.

The ORH ACP is committed to its mission to continually seek care improvements through research and innovation, nurture the next generation of oral healthcare professionals, and deliver comprehensive and integrated oral health care to improve patients’ lives.

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