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The SingHealth Duke-NUS Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme (Paediatrics ACP) was formed out of a partnership combining the collective clinical strengths of Singapore’s largest healthcare cluster, SingHealth, with one of the leading research institutions in Asia, Duke-NUS. Pioneered by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), an academic medical institution part of SingHealth, the Paediatrics ACP was established in 2011.

With a mission to improve the health of children everywhere, the Paediatrics ACP plays a crucial role in shaping the future of child health in Singapore and beyond. Over the years, the Paediatrics ACP has received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International (ACGME-I) and has a reputation for the high quality of clinical teaching and the commitment to translational research. As the largest paediatric healthcare network in Singapore, the Paediatrics ACP has three focus areas –

  1. Medical research – translating medical breakthroughs from the research bench into cures
  2. Medical education – securing the future of tomorrow’s medicine by inculcating values and ethos of compassionate, visionary and safe patient care in our medical students
  3. Clinical care – transforming healthcare to improve clinical outcomes for patients

We look forward to achieving even more significant milestones in the future by continuously breaking new ground in advancing research. We invite you to partner us in this journey of battling against diseases to better the health of every child by making a year-end gift to the Paediatrics ACP.

Thank you for your generosity in advance. Your support enables us to commemorate this significant milestone in a meaningful and lasting way. More importantly, it will also allow us to strive towards creating a healthier tomorrow for the generations of children in Singapore and beyond.

“Philanthropy propels our clinician-researchers to unveil new discoveries and empowers our clinician educators to establish scholarly opportunities in paediatric medicine – so that our children and their children will have healthier lives physically, mentally and holistically.”

Dr Yoke Hwee_Paeds ACP_Philanthropy.jpg

Clinical Associate Professor Chan Yoke Hwee

Chair, SingHealth Duke-NUS Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme

Chairman, Division of Medicine, KKH