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Building Empathetic Relationship & Positive Psychological Technique

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday | Time: 1120 - 1250 | Track Type: Panel Presentation | Format: Virtual Livestream*
*Hybrid pass holders may join the livestream at The NAK Auditorium, Academia

Speakers: Clin Asst Prof Zhou Xuelian Jamie, Dr Deepali Bang, Assoc Prof Anantham Devanand, Prof Chay Oh Moh & Dr Mara McAdams 

Resilience and empathy are extremely important in healthcare especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. This panel discussion on “Building Empathetic Relationship & Positive Psychological Technique”, by IPSQ TeamTHRIVE™ and TeamCARE Faculty, aims to share and explore more ways to increase resilience and build a more empathetic community.

Promoting positive thoughts and building resilience and empathy are extremely important so that we can take better care of ourselves and help each other to thrive.

This panel presentation is brought together by four of the IPSQ AM-EPIC Programme Faculty from TeamTHRIVE™ and TeamCARE, and they will be sharing on their journey and experiences on building empathetic relationships and resilience and how these two components play an important part in healthcare.

Learning Outcome(s):

By the end of the panel presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand the importance of empathy, resilience and positive psychology in healthcare
  • Identify ways in building resilience and empathetic relationships
  • Discuss ways to build and teach empathy and resilience

Target Audience:

All are welcomed

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