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Utilising a Train-The-Trainers Model to Educate Non-Dental Healthcare Professionals in Oral Care – The Complete Journey

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday | Time: 1620 - 1750 | Track Type: Panel Presentation | Format: Virtual Livestream*
*Hybrid pass holders may join the livestream at The NAK Auditorium, Academia

Speakers: Dr Foo Lean Heong, Lennie, Dr Yang Jingrong, Ms Yap Xin Ying, Ms Zhou Linfang

Improvement in oral hygiene in elderly and susceptible patient can significantly reduce the incident of aspiration pneumonia in the ward. We will be sharing our experience in utilising a train-the-trainers model to educate the nurses about the importance of oral health and comprehensive oral care protocol in patients requiring assistance.

This panel presentation covers the journey of a group of oral health educators in adopting a train-the-trainers model to educate nurses about oral health and comprehensive oral care protocol for patients in the ward. This programme targets to promote interprofessional education and collaboration among medical, dental and allied health professionals to provide holistic patient care by recognising the importance of oral health in patient management.

In this session, you will hear from three speakers covering the entire journey from overcoming the barrier, planning and execution of the programme which successfully trained a group of nurse trainers. The speakers will also highlight the result of implementing the programme for the nurses in the ward and discuss the methods to sustain the effect of this programme. They will also cover learners’ feedback about the programme as well as a sharing of a trainee on her experience to undergo the Oral Health Education Programme and subsequently conducting oral health education sessions to her peers and juniors. 

Learning Outcome(s):

By the end of the panel presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the link between oral health and systemic condition
  • List the rationale of having an oral health module for non-dental professionals
  • Recognize the learning theory behind train-the-trainer module
  • Identify the components in Oral Health Assessment Tool
  • Follow the Train-the-trainer process on Oral Health Education Programme

Target Audience:

Healthcare educators who are interested to know more about train-the-trainer model and how to plan and conduct interprofessional education programmes.

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