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R2C2 – Evidence based Feedback 

Date: 17 Sep 2022, Saturday | Time: 1520 - 1825 | Track Type: Main Conference Workshop | Format: Face-to-face | Venue: Seminar Room L1-S1, Academia   

Speakers: Asst Prof Wee Choon Peng Jeremy, Dr Fua Tzay-Ping & Dr Ng Mingwei

Effective feedback is one of the crucial components of adult learning. However, feedback may not always be well received by learners and may not lead to action towards improvement.  The R2C2 is a framework which uses informed self-assessment in a person centric approach to maximise the effectiveness of feedback.

This practical hands-on workshop targets medical educators and anyone who facilitates clinical learning who want to deliver effective feedback to their learners for them to improve themselves using an evidence based reflective model for providing feedback and coaching by using interactive conversations.

The R2C2 model is based on informed self-assessment using a person-centered approach. This helps to bring to terms self and external perception and reduces feedback rejection in learners whilst giving learners a sense of control and opportunity for change. It allows preceptor and learner to share perspectives on the experience, identify areas for improvement and form an action plan together in an “Alliance”. Participants will learn how to use the R2C2 “in the moment” model of feedback in everyday clinical situations such as after a clinical encounter/ experience or medical procedure observation.

Learning Outcome(s):

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of feedback and coaching for learners’ performance and progress
  • To outline and understand the 4 stages of the R2C2 model
  • To utilise and apply the R2C2 in appropriate ‘in the moment’ clinical settings

Target Audience:

Medical educators and basically anyone who facilitates clinical learning.

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