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Building High Performing Teams in Healthcare – Easier Than We Think?

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday | Time: 0900 - 1050 | Track Type: Keynote Lecture | Format: Face-to-face & Virtual Livestream | Venue: The NAK Auditorium, Academia   

Speaker: Prof Victoria Brazil

Healthcare teams are fundamental for a high performing health service and for excellent patient care. Teams buffer the stress of system deficiencies and workload, and mitigate individual performance lapses. Being in a great team motivates staff – work is a social process - and the feeling of being valued and belonging is powerful.

So how do we build great teams?

In this presentation, discussion about high performing healthcare teams – what they do, and the culture and values that underpin their behaviours. Sharing how they can shape both the behaviours and the values – through techniques like simulation and team training, but also through small moments – daily briefings, huddles, after action reviews, mental rehearsal and more.  Also giving due consideration to the importance of psychological safety and how to support teams to be safe, but not soft.

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