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Oral Paper Presentation 1

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday | Time: 1120 - 1250 | Venue: Procedural Skills Lab 2, Academia

Abstract Title 1: Enhancing Microscopy Competency Using Technology-Enabled Practical Learning Strategies in Medical Technology Training

Presenter: Mr Ng Min-Chuan Desmond

Abstract Title 2: Becoming Child: Expansive Methods for Inclusive Communication

Presenter: Ms Antoinette Fang

Abstract Title 3: Developing Nurses Continuing Nursing Education in SingHealth

Presenter: Mdm Chua Lee Kheng

Abstract Title 4: Nurturing a Community of Educators With Books as Mediators

Presenter: Assoc Prof Tan Lay Ling

Abstract Title 5: Fostering Students’ Well-being Through an Open and Positive Culture Towards Learning

Presenter: Mr Shaun Seow Wen Yuan

Abstract Title 6: Effectiveness of Virtual Training in Improving Primary Care Nurses’ Knowledge on Breastfeeding

Presenter: Ms Koh Ai Keng Lindy

Abstract Title 7: Student Analytics Digitalization Journey

Presenter: Asst Prof Cher Pei Hua

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