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Educating Clinicians Online in the Post-pandemic World: Seeing Beyond the Hype

Date: 17 Sep 2022, Saturday | Time: 1405 - 1450 | Track Type: Plenary Lecture | Format: Face-to-face & Virtual Livestream | Venue: The NAK Auditorium, Academia   

Speaker: Prof Nikos Mattheos

As the world slowly wakes up from a two-year COVID-induced hibernation, Higher Education emerges as one of the most disrupted industries. The pandemic has been a giant “fast-forward button” catalysing changes, which have been brewing for years, but also introducing some entirely new paradigms for learners, teachers and academics alike. Although, we will all soon go back to work as before, we increasingly realise that the deck is reshuffled, and the educational landscape has changed forever. 

Online learning has been in the centre of the pandemic response, but institutions have had a very diverse response, for some it was a lifeline, for others an opportunity for growth and diversification. Rather than any changes in the technology however, it was the undercurrent of changes in the mindset and attitudes that will most likely affect healthcare education in the years to come.

This presentation will feature a discussion on the lessons learned from using online media for educating clinicians, in particular a MOOC in Implant Dentistry that has enrolled more than 40,000 learners. It will include discussions on differences and similarities before and during the pandemic and they will try to define some best practices, potential and limitations. Finally, they will attempt to identify the emerging paradigm shifts among learners and academia and try to foresee the potential implications for healthcare education in the coming years.

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