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How to pronounce "BD-MED"


Biodiversity refers to variety and variability of all lifeforms in their ecological environments and it contributes significantly to human health and well-being. The application of botany knowledge to treat disease and promote health has been prevalent since time immemorial. Development in science and technology, across a diversity of cross-disciplinary fields such as genomics and artificial intelligence, continue to generate opportunities to explore, exploit, and advance the field for greater impact on medicine, health and wellness.

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Biodiversity Medicine (BD-MED), a joint initiative by Singapore Health Service and Duke-NUS Medical School, aims to drive and accelerate biodiversity research that can promote all aspects of human health and wellness. It has three signature programmes: 1) Herbal Biodiversity and Medicine, 2) Food Biodiversity and Nutrition and 3) Urban Biodiversity and Wellness.


To be a global leader in translating biodiversity studies to impact medicine and health.


Empowered by our rich local-regional biodiversity and through cutting-edge research, BD-MED strives to preserve our biodiversity heritage while delivering novel nutritional and medicinal benefits, creating positive health impact and economic value.