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​SingHealth Clinical Pharmacology provides small scale genomic analyses for your research studies. Depending on your requirements and budget, we can analyse using customised assays or off-the-shelf kits available from established vendors.

Clients can provide us with the purified nucleic acids for analysis. In addition, we are also able to process your samples from blood, saliva, tissues and cell lines to extract nucleic acids. Analyses are done in GLP setting laboratory to ensure consistent and quality results.


We offer genotyping services for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertion-deletions (Indels) using QIAGEN pyrosequencing and TaqMan® based platforms.

Pyrosequencing is a sequence-based detection technology that enables rapid and accurate quantification of sequence variation. In addition to characterising SNPs, Indels, and unknown sequence variants, it can quantify allele frequencies.              

                                               Pharmacogenomics Services_Genotyping_Pyrosequencing.jpg

                                                                           TaqMan® SNP genotyping assay uses TaqMan 5´-nuclease chemistry to amplify and detect specific polymorphisms                                                                            in purified genomic DNA samples. For predesigned assays, click here to search on ThermoFisher Scientific website.

                                                                       Pharmacogenomics Services_Genotyping_TaqMan.jpg

DNA Methylation.pngDNA Methylation

We provide quantitative methylation analysis of individual and multiple CpG or non-CpG (CpN) sites using QIAGEN pyrosequencing platform. Clients can send us bisulfite treated genomic DNA. We can also perform bisulfite conversion at additional cost. Internal controls are included in the run to confirm complete bisulfite treatment. For predesigned assays, click here to search on QIAGEN website.

                                          Pharmacogenomics Services_DNA Methylation.jpg

Gene Expression.pngGene Expression

If a researcher is interested to investigate the expression levels of a limited number of target genes, we are able to provide the analysis based on Real-Time PCR using SyBr or TaqMan® formats. If predesigned assays are desired, click here to search on ThermoFisher Scientific website.

Pharmacogenomics Services_Gene Expression.jpg


The activity of drug metabolising enzymes varies among individuals due to pharmacogenetic variations. This often results in clinical consequences such as subtherapeutic treatment, drug toxicity and other adverse events.


                                                                            We are able to provide advices on the pharmacogenetic component of your studies as well as relevant genomic                                                                             platforms to support the analysis. We also support the data analysis such as genotype-phenotype and                                                                             pharmacogenomics-pharmacokinetics association analyses.

Instruments for Pharmacogenomics Analyses

PyroMark® Q24 MDx Pyrosequencer

Pharmacogenomics Services_Qiagen Q24 PyroMark.jpg • SNP genotyping

 • Insertion/deletion analysis

 • Sequence analysis

 • Allelic frequency quantification

 • CpG/CpN detection and quantification

2) LIFETECH 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

Pharmacogenomics Services_Lifetech 7500 FAST Real-Time PCR System.jpg • Gene expression profiling

 • miRNA quantification

 • SNP genotyping (TaqManä)

 • High resolution melt curve analysis