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SingHealth Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre

Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CTCC) is SingHealth’s overarching infrastructure for clinical trials & clinical research. With an oversight of the clinical trials/research operational activities throughout SingHealth, CTCC serves as the centralised liaison point for internal research sites, Investigators, external collaborators and national agencies. Each SingHealth institution is a satellite clinical trial site for late phase trials.

CTCC is the cluster resource specialising in the area of Clinical Trials & Clinical Research to harmonise processes & synergise research capabilities of institutions. CTCC looks into the following three (3) areas:

    1. Talent Management
      • To develop CRCs through talent management programmes such as training courses and a Career Development Plan (CDP)

    2. Operational Framework
      • CTCC works closely with our SingHealth institutions to develop and implement harmonised cluster-wide operational frameworks such as policy & procedures (P&Ps), contract templates, training and sharing of global best practices etc.
      • CTCC collates and maintains the SingHealth cluster clinical trials/research study database though streamlined data collation exercises with all our institutions.

    3. Strategic Partnership
      • To nurture clinical trials/research opinion leaders, CTCC provides consultancy to our investigators on matters regarding collaborations, talent development and building research capabilities.
      • With SingHealth institutions ability to conduct Phase 0 to Phase IV studies, CTCC facilitate industry-sponsored clinical trials / research studies between biopharmaceutical companies and our SingHealth institutions through outreach efforts, linking the appropriate therapeutic group investigators to external collaborators during feasibility studies, and oversight of the entire clinical trial / research process to ensure timeline accountability to our study sponsors.

Click on the following links to find out more:

•  Strategic Partnerships

•  Talent Management

•  Operational Framework (For internal staff) 

Vision and Mission

: Driving towards an environment renowned globally for the quality of clinical trials/research conduct.
Mission: Our purpose is to harmonise SingHealth’s clinical trials/research operations in compliance with regulations and increasing operational efficiency, aligning with global standards.

For more information on CTCC’s Executive Committee, please click here.

For enquiries, please click here to contact CTCC.

Our Team

A/Prof Mariko Koh
Clinical Director, CTCC

Ms Sue Tee
Director, CTCC 

The CTCC team
L to R: Ms Zheng Jiayun (Senior Executive), Ms Chua Wan Ching (Executive), Ms Sue Tee (Director), Dr Sharon Ling (Senior Manager), Ms Jasmine Foo (Senior Manager), A/Prof Mariko Koh (Clinical Director)