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‚ÄčThe Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) supports health services research at SingHealth. By partnering with Duke-NUS Programme in Health Services and System Research (HSSR) via Health Services Research Institute (HSRI), we will improve the performance of health services.

Nurturing Health Services Research.png

The Data Science Platform we offer, the team of analytics experts and the associated training opportunities for health care professionals will generate high impact health services research for the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Partnership.

As the population in Singapore ages, the demand for healthcare services is projected to increase. Hospitals and specialty centers need to deal with increasing patient loads yet be able to deliver quality care at a reasonable cost. In this context, health services research provides methods and evidence to improve clinical care at the system and individual level.

Effective data science is likely to be an industry game-changer, and is being recognized as a fast evolving field and discipline that has the potential to revolutionize the public healthcare industry.

With the careful curation of enormous sources of clinical, operational and administrative data within a large public healthcare system, there is potential to leverage data science for transformational improvements in care delivery to achieve the quadruple aims of better healthcare outcomes, improved population health, sustainable care delivery and enhanced provider satisfaction and welfare.