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On-Premise Research Data Science and Systems Explorer (ODySSEy) Platform

​SingHealth Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) is leading the development of On-Premise Research Data Science and Systems Explorer (ODySSEy) Platform in the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC).

The ODySSEy platform will contain data from the SingHealth electronic data warehouse (eHIntS), which carries approved identifiable and de-identified data for research projects.

The final system will have these characteristics:
  • Purpose-built for research and innovation
  • Structured and cleaned data pipelines to ensure provenance
  • A secure, efficient and reliable access to data under the Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA) regime
  • Ability to self-service simple querying and cohort identification
  • Able to preserve institutional integrity and patient privacy under the HBRA
  • Facilitate support by the Cluster and Institutional TTP under the HBRA
  • Decoupled from Clinical/Operations needs
  • Linkage to other data sets approved for research, such as OMICS, Images, Hospice and external data sources
  • Adaptable to different analysis needs and requirements (from basic statistics to advanced data science and AI)

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