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Our Facility and Featured Services

Featured Services:

Olink Signature Q100

NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler

Featuring NanoString’s molecular barcoding technology, interrogate host response using off-the-shelf nCounter gene expression panels that allows multiplexing up to 800 targets. NanoString assays eliminate cDNA synthesis, amplification, and library prep which reduces technical variation. Data analysis can be easily performed with the freely available nSolverTM Analysis software, which can be installed on any computer. Learn more about the nCounter SPRINT profiler and how to select assay panels that work best for your study.

Other Services:

Sample processing

We provide various sample processing services from clinical samples:

  • Total RNA extraction from serum samples using the Roche MagNA Pure 24 System Pure (MP24) platform.
  • Total RNA extraction from whole blood using the TempusTM Blood RNA Tube extraction kit.
  • Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from whole blood samples.

Virological assays

We specialise in virological assays, including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative pathogen detection by qRT-PCR for precise assessment of viraemia levels following vaccination or therapeutic intervention.
  • Whole genome sequencing of viruses using the MinION system by Oxford Nanopore Technology which aids in the analysis of potential escape mutants following vaccination or therapeutic intervention.

Cell-mediated immunity toolbox

We provide analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses using ELISpot and flow cytometry following vaccination or therapeutic intervention.

Systems serology toolbox

We provide assays to assess antibody responses following vaccination or therapeutic interventions:

  • Immuno-Luminex assays for total IgG and IgG subclasses, IgM, IgA
  • Virus neutralization assays for assessment of neutralizing antibodies
  • Antibody avidity assays

Biomarker identification

We provide analysis of gene and protein expression to:

  • Derive molecular biomarkers to demonstrate safety and efficacy in clinical trials
  • Analyse host response to vaccination or therapeutic intervention.
  • Assess pathway enrichment of gene and protein expression changes.

We provide NanoString nCounter platform and Microarray for RNA profiling and Olink’s proximity extension assay for quantitative cytokine and proteomic profiling.

Continuous research and development

We provide specialist advice on assay development and fit for purpose assays for your clinical or research needs.

End-to-end sample logistics

We provide end-to-end sample logistics for clinical studies including:

  • Provision of blood tubes, storage vials and labelling (sample collection kit)
  • Sample storage and shipping.