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Our Team

Our IMU Team



Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) Team
SingHealth IMU has a team of experienced Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) with a combined 57 years of experience in clinical trial coordination! Tailored to the needs of the sponsor/investigator, the services provided range from clinical trial submission, trial coordination, sample processing to close out activities. The CRCs work closely with the PIs, Clinical Research Nurses and Resident Physicians to provide a holistic approach in the management of clinical trials in IMU.

Clinical Research Nurses (CRN) Team
The Clinical Research Nurses (CRN) in IMU are a team of specialised trained nurses with diverse and rich clinical nursing experience prior to joining SingHealth IMU. Working in close collaboration with the PIs, CRCs and Resident Physicians in the unit, they provide clinical nursing services catered to the needs of the protocol and subjects. The CRNs are trained in ICH-GCP and are quick to pick up new skills depending on the needs and requirements of the protocol.

Resident Physicians (RP) Team
The only IMU in Singapore with full-time in-house Resident Physicians (RP), the RPs are also PIs of Phase I studies in IMU, eg. Vaccine, BABE type studies. In addition to being PIs of their own studies, they value add by providing medical support to other clinical trials helmed by other PIs, acting as Co-investigators. The RPs will be on-site whenever there are subjects, ensuring that the subjects recruited to the trial will be monitored closely.

Support Team
Supporting the operations of the clinical team is the Support Team in IMU. The team includes a Healthy Volunteer Recruiter, managing the vast SingHealth healthy volunteer database. An associate executive ensures that tight security synonymous to a Phase I unit is adhered to.

Locum Team
In addition to the core clinical team, we also have a team of locum nurses and doctors that IMU can count on to provide the back-up support that may sometimes be needed, depending on the complexity of the clinical trial.