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Why Us?

SingHealth IMU combines the clinical expertise of SingHealth institutions and the scientific leadership of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School with operational capabilities of a full-service Phase I site facility.

We can carry out your early phase and proof-of-concept studies in adults with the following combination of advantages that you will not find elsewhere:

  • Located at the heart of Singapore's largest medical campus. We are located within Singapore's largest tertiary hospital, Singapore General Hospital, providing us with access to an extensive range of specialist facilities and laboratories.
  • Cutting-edge technologies. We have on-site access to a full array of specialised core laboratories, including "omics", advanced imaging and biobanking.
  • Experience. We partner experienced clinician investigators to conduct early phase clinical trials. Since 2009, we have started more than 200 early phase clinical trials.
  • Operational excellence. Our staff are experts in operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. We'll help you get your study running quickly and efficiently.
  • Rapid start-up. Our efficient initiation process, which includes a database of more than 2,000 healthy volunteers, offers a competitive advantage in the race to complete clinical trials on time.
  • Patient population. SingHealth institutions have more than 4 million patient visits a year, who present with a wide range of conditions. Our close links with SingHealth institutions translate into high referral rates for patient-based early phase studies.
  • Snapshot of Asia. Singapore's unique blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian patients provides researchers with a snapshot of two-thirds of the world's population and an insight into how they may respond to new compounds.
  • Safety. Our hospital-based unit provides immediate, round-the-clock access to an on-site, full-scale emergency response team and specialist medical coverage.
  • Thought leadership. As part of Singapore's largest Academic Healthcare Cluster, we benefit from the expertise of practicing clinicians across all therapeutic areas and investigators developing the latest research methodologies.

If you are interested in partnering SingHealth IMU, please contact us. We will be happy to meet and show you around our unit.