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Academia and Research Institutes

MTO collaborates with private organisations as well as public sector entities such as universities, government agencies and research institutions. MTO assists groups by identifying and connecting them with interested clinicians who have relevant background to the project domain.

There are three main modes of engagement:
1) Consultancy
Clinicians provide clinical opinions to companies and groups. MTO facilitates early-stage validation of solutions from the clinical end-user perspective.

2) Collaboration
Clinicians co-develop solutions of mutual interest.

3) Coordination
MTO refers interested parties to resources such as the SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre and clinical trial resources.

MTO works on translational projects, assisting with the ideation, pre-grant prototyping, testing, regulatory approvals and the commercialisation steps that must be completed before they can benefit patients. We partner technology owners to seek funding from national grants. We also structure projects with a view for subsequent licensing. We coordinate with internal parties such as the research offices, clinical trial units, intellectual property office and others.