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Projects and People

​The SingHealth Medical Technology Office (MTO) aims to bring novel healthcare-inspired medical technology solutions to patients and healthcare providers. We offer a single point of contact within the SingHealth cluster by facilitating collaboration between clinician innovators, healthcare experts, and technical and commercial partners. We support our clinician innovators, technology partners and commercial partners in pursuing a diverse set of projects. Our office focuses on developing regulated medical devices and diagnostics intended for eventual commercialisation and clinical adoption. Clinical domains range from surgical to medical to nursing and allied health.

Key Objectives include:

•Performing pre-grant prototyping, providing commercialisation inputs to boost medtech grant success
•Providing ISO13485-standard design documentation support
•Bringing solutions to the bedside for clinical and economic benefit

Our team consists of both clinicians and engineers with a strong track record of experience in the medical device industry. We are also familiar with implementing the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign methodology. Our key services include:
•Identification and evaluation of unmet clinical needs through multi-disciplinary clinical immersions
•Co-development of solutions with commercial or public domain partners
•Provision of ISO13485-compliant quality management system and design history documentation for projects aiming for commercialisation
•Creation of commercialisation pathway for developed solutions
•Provision of assistance and guidance on grant applications for internally developed solutions
•Development of clinician innovators who can take their ideas to the next level

•Automated Continuous Post-surgical Monitoring of Vascularised Grafts
Grants awarded - $1.48m (NRF), $250k (NHIC)

Lyt:iT™ — Open Deep Cavity Surgical Lighting
Grants awarded - $250k (NHIC), $50k (SMART)
This project has been out licensed and a product has been created which will reach the market in 2019.

Modular Endoprosthesis for Mandible Reconstruction

•CoSYcloud™, Nanostructured Phase-Change Technology In A Portable Infant Warming System For TheSurgical/Critical Care Setting

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