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​A broad consensus exists among public health stakeholders that the near future must entail a transition from diagnostic to preventive care. Precision Medicine is a framework whereby genetic, lifestyle and environmental variability of each individual is measured and integrated to tailor accurate therapies, improve treatment efficacy and minimise side effects. Implementing Precision Medicine is expected to translate into quality-adjusted life expectancy gains that will benefit the individual and society at large.

SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of PRecISion Medicine (PRISM) is the institutional flagship initiative of SingHealth and Duke-NUS Medical School that aims to drive, promote and standardize the use of Precision Medicine and Precision Health for improving patient care, focusing on diseases relevant to Asian populations. There are already examples of successful studies from SingHealth and Duke-NUS showing the promise of precision therapies (Ng KP et al. 2012 Nat Med, Ong et al. Nat Genet. 2012) and disease prevention (Poon et al. Sci Transl Med. 2013; Roberts et al. Sci Transl Med. 2015). The existing alliance between SingHealth and Duke-NUS provides the ideal environment to implement and foster a successful precision medicine ecosystem.

Over the last two years PRISM has developed and successfully implemented a general framework to deliver relevant genetic results back to research consented volunteers.

Prof Patrick TanDirector
Prof Teh Bin TeanDeputy Director
Prof Stuart CookDeputy Director
Dr Saumya Shehkar JamuarDeputy Director
A/Prof Sonia DavilaAssistant Director
Dr Lim Weng KhongBioinformatics Lead
Yasmin BylstraPrincipal Genetic Counsellor
Sylvia KamGenetic Counsellor
Kuan Jyn LingBioinformatician
Teo Jing XianBioinformatician
Nellie Chai Admin Executive