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Current Collaborations

NNI: "Cognitive Disorders Exome and Genome Sequencing Study (CODEX)", Dr Adeline Ng

TTSH: "Understanding rheumatoid arthritis through whole exome sequencing and epigenetics", Dr Leong Khai Pang

EYE ACP – PRISM: Precision Medicine Initiative, Prof Aung Tin, Dr Chen Ching-Yu. The EYE-ACP PRISM Precision Medicine initiative aims to systematically characterize genetic variants in human genomes by performing next generation sequencing in normal controls from the EYE ACP's Singapore Chinese Eye Study, as well as its clinical patients with inherited blinding ocular disorders, with the ultimate goal of facilitating precision medicine and optimizing the healthcare of Singapore's population. 

SNEC: "Analysis of ABCA4 en patients with congenital eye disease", Dr Chan Choi Mun, Dr Eranga Vithana

KKH: "Understanding the genetics of neurodevelopmental delay", Dr Teck Wah

I2R: "Multimodality analysis of cardiovascular risk", Dr Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Dr Foo Chuan Sheng

Current Grants:

  • Industry Alignment Fund (Pre-Positioning): "National Precision Medicine Program (Phase 1A)"
  • Industry Alignment Fund (Pre-Positioning): "CaLiBRe: Cancer Liquid Biopsies for Real-time diagnostics and Early intervention"
  • Large Collaborative Grant: "Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium"


Prof Aung TinSingapore National Eye CentreExecutive Director
A/Prof Cheng Ching-YuSingapore National Eye CentreDepartment Head
Prof Steve RozenDuke-NUS Medical SchoolAssociate Dean
Prof Carolyn LamNational Heart Centre SingaporeSenior Consultant
A/Prof Yeo Khung KeongNational Heart Centre SingaporeSenior Consultant
Dr Max FunBioinformatics Institute, A*STARAssistant Head
Dr Wong Wing-CheongBioinformatics Institute, A*STARPrincipal Investigator
Dr Erwin TantosoBioinformatics Institute, A*STARSenior Research Officer
Joanne LeeBioinformatics Institute, A*STARResearch Officer
Zhang Jing Xian I2R, A*STARResearch Fellow