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Director's Message

"Precision Medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person" – USA NIH

As a Joint Research Institute, PRISM works hard to bring the latest developments and findings in Precision Medicine to the SingHealth and Duke-NUS community, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for our patients and their families.

At PRISM, we firmly believe that every person is different. Precision Medicine embraces this diversity and seeks to develop strategies to accurately tailor specific treatments to the right individuals and groups. A key underpinning of precision medicine is data – data about you, patients like you, and how you and patients like you responded to treatments in the past. By integrating different types of data, including genetic, lifestyle and clinical information, we seek to develop tools that can be used by doctors to predict disease risk and to identify the right drugs for the right patients. Through precision medicine, we aim to contribute to the overall health and well-being of Singaporeans, at a cost-affordable manner.  

To achieve this mission, we've embarked on several initiatives with many of our SingHealth and Duke-NUS partners. We've established the SingHealth Exome Consortium, where genetic data of thousands of healthy individuals from multiple SingHealth institutions has been combined into a common reference database for improving the diagnosis of genetic disease. Working with the National Heart Centre (NHCS), we've built up SPECTRA, a secure discovery platform combining lifestyle, molecular, and clinical database that will identify new disease-associated genes and drug targets. At the clinical level, we've provided our expertise to enhance genetics clinics at NHCS, Singapore National Eye Centre, and launched Singapore's first Precision Health clinic using whole-genome sequencing for disease screening. We're now combining forces with the clinical genetics team at KKH to introduce the SingHealth/Duke-NUS Disease Centre in Genomics, to ensure that individuals with genetic conditions receive consistently high levels of care anywhere at SingHealth.

Please join us on this exciting journey and we look forward to any questions or inquiries. We're also grateful to our visionary SingHealth and Duke-NUS Upper Management for entrusting us with this important responsibility, as we work together to shape the future of Singapore healthcare.

Patrick Tan, MD PhD
Director, PRISM