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Useful Tips for CIRB Application

Have You Completed the CIRB Application Correctly?

  1. Only the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certificate for Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel Module OR certificate that contains the relevant topics will be accepted. Visit our Training Requirements page here to find out more. 
       X Do not submit the certificate for Good Clinical Practice, Responsible Conduct of Research or Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers CITI module.

  2. A local GCP certificate is required when the proposed study/trial is regulated by H.S.A, and is mandatory for PI and Site-PI
    - Certificate of completion or Attendance certificate from a Local GCP course/workshop are acceptable.
       X Do not submit the certificate for CITI GCP Module.

  3. If your study involves consent taking:
    - Tick the checkbox at B2 of study team members who will be involved in consent taking.
    - For multi-site studies, ensure each recruiting study site has its own consent document.
    - Information in the consent document must match the information in the application form (and protocol, if applicable).
       - Proof read the consent documents for spelling and grammatical errors.
       - Upload consent document at section P6.
       - Upload assent form (if used) at section M5.

  4. Documents must be attached at the applicable section in the application
       X Do not attach the same document in different sections.
       - Each document should only be uploaded once.
       - Advertisement materials should be uploaded at section H4.
       - Data collection form must be uploaded if studies involve data collection.

  5. If your study is an anonymous questionnaire or survey study:
    - Do not apply for waiver of informed consent as consent is implied when a participant agrees to participate.
    - Study team should choose the option "Informed Consent will be taken for all study subjects" in section F17 and J2(v).

If you have any questions, please contact CIRB at .