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Pathology Services

The Advanced Molecular Pathology Laboratory (AMPL) is a one-stop service for researchers and industry partners developing tissue arrays, and validation of clinical material. Our College of American Pathologists (CAP)-compliant facilities provide:

•Technical support for tissue-based research
•High quality tissue bioresources for the research community and biomedical industry

Core Strengths
To ensure the highest professional standards, AMPL has a team of experienced and qualified diagnostic histopathologists, supported by experienced medical and laboratory technologists. Researchers will have access to a variety of techniques necessary for human tissue-based research from histopathology consultation to immunodiagnostics.

AMPL is closely linked with the SingHealth Tissue Repository (STR), which is the largest research tissue repository in Singapore.
Please confirm that this is still the case. See comments above.
AMPL provides a full-range of research services at cost-efficient prices, pegged below clinical laboratory charges for similar services. Services provided include:
1. Pathology and histological consultation
Consultation with a qualified pathologist supported by a team of pathology associates for:
•Interpretation of histology and immunostaining
•Classification and grading of neoplasms according to standard or protocol-defined criteria
•Selection of material for downstream applications
•Interpretation of histochemical and immunohistochemical stains
•Histological techniques, such as tissue processing, cryosectioning, microtomy, standard and special histochemical staining 

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2. Immunodiagnostics

  • Full range of immunodiagnostic techniques ranging from single-label immunostaining to multi-colour immunolabelling techniques
  • In-situ-Hybridisation (ISH) assays for detection of viral RNA can also be performed
  • In addition, AMPL can evaluate new antibodies for research and diagnostic purposes on cytological specimens, paraffin embedded archival material and tissue microarrays.

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3. Tissue microarray construction

  • Construction and stocking of tissue microarrays (TMA) derived from human tissues and neoplasm
  • Custom-made tissue arrays
  • All tissue arrays are produced under the supervision of a consultant pathologist, ensuring quality.

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4. Fluorescence in situ hybridisation

  • Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH)
  • Whole chromosome painting with commercial reagents
  • Immuno-FISH (FICTION technique), which combines the power of FISH to detect genetic alterations with lineage identification of cells of interest by immunophenotype

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5. Nucleic acid extraction

  • DNA and RNA extraction from frozen tissue using Qiagen EZ1 XL Advanced Machine
  • Calculation of the quantity of the extracted samples performed using Caliper DropSense Machine
  • Spectrophotometry and gel electrophoresis, quality scoring for RNA and DNA performed using Caliper GX II machine 

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 The scope of work and service fees depends on the nature of the protocol, the complexity of the procedure and the number of specimens.