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Patient Education

The SingHealth Tissue Repository (STR) was established to store Human Biological Materials to facilitate medical research, which may be valuable in preventing, treating, and/or curing human diseases in the future. All research studies conducted on the Leftover and/or Extra Materials will need to be approved by a relevant Institutional Review Board (“IRB”). An IRB is an independent committee formally appointed by hospitals and other organizations undertaking research to conduct initial and subsequent periodic reviews of research involving human subjects. Patient’s Leftover and/or Extra Material may only be released to researchers upon obtaining written approval from the IRB.

As patient go through therapeutic or diagnostic procedures , clinician/reporting pathologist who is responsible for the medical treatment will complete all necessary therapeutic or diagnostic procedures and will no longer require any part of the Leftover Human Biological Materials. Such Leftover Materials will generally be discarded as biological waste in accordance with best practices - usually destroyed by incineration.

Leftover Material can however be used for Future Research Therefore, rather than discarding as waste, we would like to seek patient’s consent to procure and store these Leftover Materials for Future Research. 

Patient education brochure

SingHealth Donation of Human Biological Material for Future Research Information Sheet

Leftover and-or Extra Material Donation Consent Form