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Dr Crystal Lim

Master Medical Social Worker, Singapore General Hospital

Dr Crystal Lim, Master Medical Social Worker, is the Clinical Lead of Medical Social Services, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and the Transplant Ethics Lead of SingHealth Transplant Centre. She attained her Ph.D. in social work (2014) and M.A. Bioethics from the University of Pittsburgh (2015), and her master’s degree in social work (2001) from the University of Washington.  Her clinical experience includes bioethics, transplant social work, grief, loss and bereavement support, nephrology social work and family violence intervention. 

Dr Lim has particular interests in bioethics, the medical humanities and transplant social work. She is committed to enhancing ethical reasoning and competency in healthcare professionals to promote the well-being of patients. Her interest in the medical humanities germinated during her bioethics training; they resonated with her belief that harnessing the doctor’s compassion for human suffering in illness and communicating that compassion is important. 

An engaging trainer, Dr Lim has extensive experience in developing and teaching undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programmes in social work, as well as training healthcare professionals in bioethics and patient communication.  Dr Lim has received several awards in recognition of her clinical contributions and commitment.

Dr Crystal Lim's Session:

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