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Dr Foo Lean Heong, Lennie

Consultant, Restorative Dentistry, National Dental Centre Singapore

Dr Foo is the Head of NITEC Dental Surgery Assistant Programme and the Director of Ancillary/Allied Health Education in National Dental Centre Singapore. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery with Distinction in 2007. She was awarded Best Undergraduate student in Malaysia Public University and the Royal Education Awards - Victory and Excellence Medal by Malaysian Council of Rulers. She completed her Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontology) in National University of Singapore (NUS) under NUS Graduate ASEAN scholarship in 2013 and currently a Fellow in Academy of Medicine Singapore.

Dr Foo has completed Fellowship in Team-based learning in Academic Medicine Education Institute (AMEI) and obtained Practitioner Certificate from Team-based learning Collaboratives. She is one of the faculty for the NDCS Oral Health Education Programme which adopted the train-a-trainer model to conduct the programme for the nurses in the ward. This programme has successfully reduced the incidence of aspiration pneumonia in the ward.

Dr Foo Lean Heong, Lennie's Session:

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