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Prof Nigel V. Marsh

Professor, School of Social and Health Sciences,
James Cook University, Singapore

Dr Nigel Marsh is a New Zealand-trained clinical psychologist. Currently he is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of professional programmes in clinical psychology at James Cook University in Singapore. He has held academic appointments in Clinical Psychology in Singapore, Australia, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Professor Marsh's expertise within the field of clinical psychology is in the areas of psychological assessment and research design. The majority of his research publications deal with the assessment of the psychosocial consequences of traumatic injuries or chronic illness for both the individual and their familial caregivers. He has conducted research across the life span with published studies on age groups ranging from infants to older adults. He has also published studies on non-clinical groups, primarily in the area of organisational psychology.

He is an Adjunct Research Professor at Sunway University (Malaysia) and has held Visiting Professor appointments at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) and at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Oviedo (Spain). He has served as a consultant in the areas of healthy ageing, occupational health, genetics, and rehabilitation. He is a Registered Psychologist (Singapore).

Prof Nigel V. Marsh's Session:

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