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3D Printing – Introduction and Hands-on Experience

Date: 16 Sep 2022, Friday| Time: 1445 - 1615 | Track Type: Main Conference Workshop | Format: Face-to-face | Venue: Duke-NUS

Speakers: Prof Fernando Bello, Mr Dennis Ong, Mr Johan Susanto, Mr Tan Kai Lee & Dr Tan Bangwei Mark

Use of 3D printing across industries and application areas is constantly increasing. Advances in materials, printing technologies and affordability have sparked substantial activity in the healthcare and medical education domains, ranging from highly realistic 3D anatomical models for teaching and procedure rehearsal, to personalised implants and sophisticated MedTech devices.

This workshop will introduce 3D printing as a technology to support education of medical students, doctors, healthcare professionals and patients. The ability to physically recreate a range of models – anatomy, task trainers, instruments, and tools, can significantly enhance and support learning and teaching in the medical and healthcare domain.

Anatomical models can help students and residents understand complex spatial relationships, assist in the planning and rehearsal of surgical procedures and support communication with patients. Design and production of bespoke task trainers can be helpful in the training of range of procedural skills. Prototyping of instruments and tools can support the development and trialling of surgical guides, implants, etc.

During the workshop, you will learn key principles of 3D printing and a range of 3D printing technologies, as well as have an opportunity to experience the various stages of a typical 3D printing pipeline. It will serve as an introduction to this exciting area, encouraging participants to explore how they may apply it in their own practice.

Learning Outcome(s):

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of 3D printing
  • Identify key 3D printing technologies
  • Describe and evaluate the various stages of a typical 3D printing pipeline

Achievement of objectives will be measured through a post workshop questionnaire, informal qualitative discussions at the end of the workshop and the successful 3D printing of a sample object.

Target Audience:

Healthcare educators who want to find out about 3D printing and have a first-hand experience of this Technology Enhanced Learning approach, its affordances, and limitations. No prior knowledge or experience in 3D printing is required.

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