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Psychological Safety – Making Learning Safe, Not Soft

Date: 17 Sep 2022, Saturday | Time: 1520 - 1825 | Track Type: Main Conference Workshop | Format: Face-to-face | Venue: White Space, Academia

Speaker: Prof Victoria Brazil

Please note that this workshop is in high demand and is currently oversubscribed. All new registrants will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified by 9 September should there be available spots. Kindly accept our apologies that you will not be able to attend the workshop in the event you do not hear from us

Learners in healthcare education are at risk. They may be deceived, judged or ‘shown up’ in front of their colleagues, and dread returning to the sim lab or tutorial room. But equally they risk wasting time in educational sessions – if faculty are ‘too nice’ or fearful of offering performance critique. So how do we find a ‘sweet spot’?

Psychological safety is critical for learning and improvement, but a little misunderstood. It's not about removing risk, or lowering expectations, or avoiding talking about performance. Educators  should aim for ‘safe, not soft’ in design and delivery of educational sessions. In this session we wll talk about what that means in practice, and where research in this area is heading.

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