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Who Are We

In the past 70 years, Singapore General Hospital has built a strong foundation for Emergency Medicine (EM). On 1st Jan 2018, we have joined hands in partnership. Changi General Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital and KK Children and Women’s Hospital have come together to form the Emergency Medicine Academic Clinical Programme (EM ACP).

Every day, more than 1,500 patients seek medical assistance at the various Emergency Departments within SingHealth. As a safe harbour, our doors are open to everyone, day and night. We strive to tide each person over their critical window, ensuring that each life gets the specialised treatment they need. It is our honour to serve as the first custodians in your journey towards recovery.

As emergency challenges grow, so must we. Moving forward, the EM ACP will focus on bringing clinical departments across the SingHealth cluster together, providing meaningful collaboration opportunities and enabling the advancement of EM practice and study. To do so, we have identified four major pillars for continuous development. The pillars develop synergistically, creating a future-ready SMART ED equipped to overcome ever-changing healthcare challenges.

A SMART ED is one that understands us. Be it for patients, students or medical professionals, the EM ACP aims to deliver a seamless and integrated experience by leveraging on cutting-edge technology and meticulous data analysis. The four major established pillars in EM ACP; namely Clinical Services, Research, Education, and Care Transformation and Innovation, constantly raise the bar for emergency medical care and play an indispensable role in building a SMART ED.

At the heart of our efforts, lie the common desire to improve the lives of you and your loved ones. With research and data analytics, we use the lessons of yesterday to win the battles of today. At the same time, we look towards the possibilities of tomorrow, developing innovative solutions to stay one step ahead of our challenges. We pledge to never stagnate, because you and your family deserve better healthcare.