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Tan Yew Oo Professorship
​The Tan Yew Oo Professorship in the Pathology Academic Clinical Programme underscores the important role of Pathology in our search for cures in cancer. As the key to cancer diagnosis and staging, pathology plays a crucial role in cancer management which in turn provides the foundation for cancer research to unravel new and innovative approaches in patients’ cancer care. The professorship will support long-term research and advancements in Pathology, in critical areas of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic accuracy in cancers.

Kathy Goh Professorship

​The  Kathy Goh Professorship supports long-term research in breast diseases to improve diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic precision through biomarker discovery, leading to better survival for patients.  A particular focus area is triple negative breast cancer which tends to be aggressive, with limited treatment options.  This research will be conducted by a dedicated team of Clinician Scientists and Clinician Investigators under the leadership of Professor Tan Puay Hoon, Academic Chair, Pathology ACP and Chairman & Senior Consultant, Division of Pathology, SGH.

​Click here to read more about the Kathy Goh Professorship.

Gilbert Chiang Shih Chuin Bursary

​Associate Professor Gilbert Chiang was a lifelong learner who believed that everyone has something meaningful to contribute.  His family established the Gilbert Chiang Shih Chuin Bursary to honour his passion in nurturing the younger generation and in memory of his immense role in postgraduate medical education.

Click here to read more about the Gilbert Chiang Shih Chuin Bursary.

Edward Jacob Pathology Academic Fund

​Dr Edward Jacob was a visionary man who set the stage for the highly automated Clinical Biochemistry lab and many laboratory innovations in SGH. To remember his achievements and contributions, his family set up the Edward Jacob Pathology Academic Fund to provide scholarships and awards for a new generation of biochemists, and raise the awareness of Pathology, in particular Clinical Biochemistry, as a discipline.

Click here to read more about the Edward Jacob Pathology Academic Fund.

Minnie Pang Pathology Academic Fund

​In recognition of the late Dr Minnie Pang’s extraordinary contributions and effervescent enthusiasm for Pathology as a discipline, an Academic Fund has been established to continue her legacy of mentoring  specialists in the field of pathology. It will be used to nurture and develop talents in the field of pathology and raise awareness of this specialty.

​Click here to read more about the Minnie Pang Pathology Academic Fund. 


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