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AMII Leadership

AMII Co-Chairs and Advisor

Ms Lee Chen Ee

Prof Kenneth Kwek

AMII Deputy Co-Chairs and Priority Area Leads

Ms Selina Seah

A/Prof Yeo Khung Keong

AMII Deputy Co-Chair &
Lead (Emerging Technologies
and Data)

Deputy Group Chief Medical
Informatics Officer (Research), SingHealth

A/Prof Henry Ho

Chairman, Division of Surgery & Surgical Oncology, SGH and NCCS

Academic Chair, SingHealth Duke-NUS Surgery Academic Clinical Program (SURG ACP)

Ms Lydia Tan

Lead (Adoption and Scaling)

Director, Office of Innovation,

A/Prof Derrick Chan

Lead (Culture Building and Developing Human Capital)

Director, KK Research Centre, KKH
Director, Medical Technology Office (MTO), SingHealth

AMII Domain Leads

A/Prof Tracy Carol Ayre

A/Prof Lita Chew

Mr Kevin Tay Chong Keg

Dr Edwin Low

Director, Programme Development (Office of Regional Health), SingHealth

Mr Alson Goh

Chief Operating Officer, KKH
Deputy Group Chief Operating Officer (Environmental Services, Facilities & Transformation), SingHealth

Innovation, simply defined as the introduction of something new (an idea, method, product), is a key cornerstone in the practice of medicine. The history of medicine is replete with examples of greats such as Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, and Jean-Martin Charcot, who have defied conventional wisdom with their novel findings, and in turn brought value to the world around them.
In recent times, we have pushed the frontiers of modern medicine and the way healthcare is delivered. At the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC), patients are at the heart of all we do, and one of our pillars undergirding this commitment is our strong emphasis on innovation to advance patient care.
To this end, AMII was formed as a virtual convening forum that brings together innovation offices, innovation-related programmes, and innovators from across the AMC, to better organise resources, expertise and networks.

Ms Lee Chen Ee

Co-Chair,Group Director, Organisational Transformation, SingHealth

Prof Kenneth Kwek

Advisor, Deputy Group CEO, Organisational Transformation & Informatics, SingHealth

A/Prof Christopher Laing

Co-Chair, Senior Associate Dean, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Duke-NUS Medical School

Ms Selina Seah

Deputy Chair & Priority Lead(Ecosystem Building and Strategic Partnership), Asst CEO (Transformation), CGH