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Partnership for Capability Transformation (PACT)

The Partnership for Capability Transformation (PACT) Programme fosters mutually beneficial collaboration between SingHealth and local small medium enterprises (SMEs). The programme provides SMEs a platform to co-develop a wide range of healthcare solutions relevant to market needs and support their application for national grants under Enterprise Singapore.


How can the PACT Team Assist

When SingHealth Innovators come up with a problem statement, PACT managers will work closely with them to understand the problem statement and look for possible solutions through technology scanning and connection with a large database of SMEs and local start-ups that possess matching capabilities and/or solutions. The objective is to create opportunities for co-development and collaboration wherever possible.

The PACT team will also actively promote SingHealth institutions as test-beds for SMEs and connect them with our healthcare professionals for collaborations in testing and validating innovative healthcare technologies. This will enable SingHealth to be an early adopter of emerging technologies and allow us to stay ahead of the curve.

Through such partnerships, SingHealth is positioned to provide the best possible care for patients and services as solutions are fine-tuned and validated to our requirements.

For more information, please contact the PACT Team at