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What We Do

AMII will focus its efforts along 5 initial key enablers. These enablers are termed as priority areas to create policies, frameworks, structures and processes. These five priority areas are:

  1. Eco-system building, and Strategic Partnership
  2. Co-Development and Test-bedding
  3. Adoption and Scaling
  4. Culture Building and Developing Human Capital (with AMEI)
  5. Emerging Technologies and Data

These priority areas will bring together representatives from across the AMC and relevant stakeholders into the eco-system to form the respective convening groups and work towards AMII’s key deliverables.

The AMII Innovation Council serves as a convening forum for the innovation community across the AMC to perform the following roles:

  • Serve as the AMC community forum to share about innovation projects, initiatives, and best practices and to disseminate information to their respective institutions or domains.
  • Serve as the AMC community forum for innovators to network across the AMC.
  • Comprise of representatives from all institutions, domains, and priority areas.

The AMII EXCO, comprising the Innovation Council Chairs, priority area leads and other key leaders, will:

  • Serve as a working group for synthesizing and setting direction for the AMII.
  • Deliver AMC-wide initiatives for review and adoption by the Innovation Council.