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​General Enquiry

  1. Is the centre part of SingHealth group?
    Yes, the centre is part of SingHealth. We are an department within the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Innovation Institute (AMII). Find out more about AMII here.

  2. Where is the centre located at Outram Community Hospital?
    The Centre is located on Level 2, next to Koufu. We look forward seeing you soon!

  3. Who should I contact if I have a question on the centre or its offerings?
    Please feel free to drop us an email at should you have any questions for us.

  4. How different is the centre from the medical technology office?
    The Medical Technology Office focuses more on assisting SingHealth originated projects whereas the centre will not only look at internal projects but also aim to assist external innovations to adoption within the SingHealth Cluster.

  5. What kind of projects does the centre take care of?
    The centre looks into a wide variety of projects ranging from typical medical devices to AI or even redesign of work process for the healthcare sector. Arrange for a session to speak to us via

Capabilities Matching

  1. If my clinical PI or project is not from SingHealth, can I still engage for your service?
    Yes, you can still engage the centre for assistance. However, do note that there will be a need for some form of agreement to be in place before any service or consultation starts.

  2. I am unable to identify the type of services/space needed for my project, what should I do?
    Drop us an email at to arrange for a consultation session.

  3. If there is any IP generated from the services rendered, how will it be resolved?
    As the situation differs from each project, it will be advised by the SingHealth IP office (SHIP) or legal team before coming into a resolution with the organization involved.

  4. What are the rates and durations for the capabilities engaged?
    The basic rates and duration can be found on the capabilities page. For more information, kindly email us at

  5. Are these services available to non-SingHealth staff and projects?
    Yes, all the services are available to non SingHealth staff and projects.


  1. If I am not working on any innovation projects, can I be part of/ contribute to the centre's network?
    Yes, you can still contribute to the centre's network be it if you are working on a project or providing consulting services. Write to us at for further discussions.

  2. My company would like to be part of the network, are there any Terms and Conditions to fulfil to join?
    There are no terms and conditions to join the network. Speak to our outreach team to find out more!

  3. What are the benefits of partnering with the centre?
    By partnering with the centre, your organization will be able to gain smooth access to clinical assets within the largest healthcare cluster in Singapore and be exposed to insights and trends uncovered by the healthcare professionals who are walking the grounds daily. Your brand will also be getting higher visibility at the centre's space and on our website to the healthcare professionals or innovators. So why wait? Be our partner now!

  4. Can my portfolio companies take up a space at the centre if I join as a partner?
    Yes, this can be further discussed if your portfolio companies would like to take up our suites or even use the centre for showcases. 

Booking of Facilities and Spaces

  1. How do I go about booking a space at the centre?
    If you are a partner or a SingHealth Staff, kindly book your slots via the FRS System (Intranet Corporate Laptop required)
    For non-partners, kindly contact us at for more details or request for assistance by your SingHealth Collaborator.

  2. What are the rates for the different services and facilities?
    As different organizations have different needs, our rates are customised based on the utilisations of the spaces. Kindly drop us an email at to find out more!

  3. Who are the engineers and consultants available for book of consultation sessions?
    For the profile of engineers and consultants under the centre, you can find out more via our leadership page. As for their availability, you can check out the FRS Booking System to find out more or drop us an email at

  4. Is there any training required if I wish to prototype on my own in the Makerspace?
    Yes, for your safety, our engineers will need to conduct safety training before you entering the Makerspace to conduct your works.