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Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy

The electron microscopy platform is dedicated to ultrastructural analysis of biological and material samples by electron microscopy (EM). The core offers high quality EM imaging services at a low cost. With state-of-the-art sample preparation and imaging equipment, the core offers trainings in sample preparation (including chemical fixation, sectioning of cells and tissues or preparation of non-cellular materials), operation of equipment, data acquisition and data interpretation. The core also provides personalised training on ultra-microtome sectioning with Diatome diamond knife.  Consumables for sample preparation are also available at purchase from the core.

Jeol JEM 2100


Figure 1: Electron microscopy_Jeol JEM 2100

The Jeol JEM 2100 is capable of delivering 80 to 200kV accelerating voltage with a point resolution of 0.23nm. Single grid, quartet grid and Gatan cryo- holders are available.