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SDGHI develops comprehensive education and training programmes to provide the next generation of global health leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience needed to meet future global health challenges. SDGHI's education and training programmes provide medical and PhD students, medical residents, faculty and clinicians with the opportunity to engage in innovative and interdisciplinary research and field experience to enhance their learning and prepare them for a wide range of career options in global health.  


Associate Professor Chow Wan Cheng, Group Director, Academic Medicine, SingHealth & Senior Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Singapore General Hospital


Adjunct Assistant Professor Courtney Davis, Staff Physician, KK Women's & Children's Hospital; Adjunct Assistant Professor, SingHealth Duke-NUS Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme

Programmes and Educational Opportunities

Current Programmes

Global Health Training Modules for Medical Students

As a part of the Duke-NUS Medical School's CARE (Connect, Assimilate, Reflect, Explore) curriculum framework, faculty from SDGHI  incorporate global health modules to the Phase  2 students' curriculum. The goal is to raise their awareness and understanding of how global health issues impact the health of Singapore and practice of medicine. Through a blended learning approach, the Institute hopes to produce outstanding clinicians with global views and equip them with the skills to address future healthcare challenges.

Global Health Introductory Programme for Residents

The Global Health Introductory Programme for Residents aims to introduce key global health topics to residents to stimulate their interest in tackling global health challenges and their understanding of the scope and implications of the field on everyday medical practice. The lecture modules for the program are developed in partnership with faculty members from the Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs) and delivered over a 3-year period during the residency.

Global Health Doctoral Scholars Track

The Global Health Doctoral Scholars Track is open to current students of all Duke-NUS' PhD programmes who have substantive interest in global health. The programme aims to encourage research on health issues in the region and grow the community of global health scholars.

In this track, scholars will undertake high quality innovative research on relevant global health challenges in the region under a SDGHI faculty member as their research advisor. In addition, scholars participate in SDGHI's monthly Global Health Seminar Series and "Introduction to Global Health" course to build on and expand their knowledge in global health.

Global Health Fellows Programme

With the aim to develop future global health leaders, SDGHI sponsors the Global Health Fellows Programme which provides physicians from the ACPs the opportunity to advance their careers in global health. As part of this programme, physicians obtain a SDGHI scholarship to pursue a Masters of Public Health with a global health track, at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. In addition, fellows may apply for research grants from SDGHI for their field research projects. Fellows also receive mentorship as well as research and career guidance from the fellowship coordinator and other faculty.

Global Health Module and Certificate Programme

In its continued effort to make global health education available to a wider range of learners, SDGHI has created an "Introduction to Global Health" module which will provide learners with a comprehensive overview of the main issues related to global health, with a key focus on ASEAN. This module is currently targeted to PHD and MD-PHD students from Duke-NUS, graduate-level NUS students, SingHealth healthcare professionals - it is also open to the public for enrolment. The module will be a part of the core modules required for the Global Health Certificate Programme that SDGHI aims to develop in the coming years.

Global Health Community Development

To enhance awareness and appreciation of global health issues across the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and beyond, SDGHI organises ongoing seminar series examining a broad spectrum of global health topics and a webinar series which aim to delve deeper into specific global health topics and provide multi-disciplinary perspectives. SDGHI has also launched its podcast series titled "Global Health Voices" which aims to feature guests from a variety of disciplines and industries in global health who are influential leaders, researchers and practitioners in the field.

Global Health Outreach and Collaboration

As a part of SDGHI's continued effort to engage more students in global health, SDGHI collaborates with other institutions of higher learning to match university students with SDGHI faculty members for research internships and collaborate on other educational opportunities.  SDGHI recently collaborated with Yale-NUS College, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Yong Loo Ling School of Medicine and the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. 

For application forms and fact sheets about our Education programmes please click here.