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Academic Medicine in Conversation

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Re-Imagine the Future of Academic Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into chaos. Yet, it has given the Academic Medicine community a shared purpose and has been a catalyst for accelerating clinical innovations to improve patient care, translational research and new ways of educating the next generation.

Through our web series "Academic Medicine In Conversation", we share the triumphs and challenges along this rigorous path, learn and reflect through striking experiences and bond as a collective.

Be inspired by the stories told by medical workers on the ground and scientists who have worked against the odds to fight SARS-Cov-2. May we take their stories to heart and dare ourselves to re-imagine the future of Academic Medicine.

Click on the links below to learn more about the past sessions!​

Debut Session:
The future of our AMC with Digital Health, MedTech, Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Discovery (What did we learn from our EXPO experience?)

12 August 2020 (Wednesday), 6.30PM - 7.30PM, Zoom Webinar

Session 2:
The Crisis Preparedness of Research – What, and how should we invest in research for us to be future ready?

2 September 2020 (Wednesday), 6.30PM - 7.30PM, Zoom Webinar

Session 3:
Health Professions Education – What is the future of education with no borders?

7 October 2020 (Wednesday), 6.30PM - 7.45PM, Zoom Webinar

Session 4:
Medical Humanities – Reflections of COVID-19 (What are the personal stories, ethics and clinical dilemmas of COVID-19?)

11 November 2020 (Wednesday), 6.30PM - 7.45PM, Zoom Webinar

Session 5:
More than Disease Management - Appreciation of a One Health approach for optimal health outcome, post-COVID-19

9 December 2020 (Wednesday), 6.30PM - 7.45PM, Zoom Webinar