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Academic Medicine


The mission of an Academic Medical Centre (AMC) is to provide excellent patient care with a three-fold thrust: (1) deliver high quality affordable & compassionate patient care; (2) train practicing and aspiring healthcare professionals; and (3) advance health and healthcare innovations and research. The practice of Academic Medicine (AM) integrates the three pillars of medicine – clinical care, education and research. Through our SingHealth and Duke-NUS Academic Medicine partnership, we strive to be one of the best teaching hospitals, recognized for excellence in research, teaching, and quality of patient care.

Joint Office of Academic Medicine


An enabler of an Integrated Academic Medicine Ecosystem and a facilitator of an Empowering Culture.


a) Establishing and Facilitating Academic Health System Strategies

b) Engaging and Stewarding Partnerships

c) Enabling Resources Sustainability and Performance Optimisation

AM Grants

Worthy Academic Medicine programmes are provided funding support by way of AM Grants to advance key areas of focus in education, clinical innovation, research and global health. Other initiatives such as AM-ETHOS enable support of capability and talent development through new strategic funding.

For enquiries on AM Grants and AM Philanthropy, please contact

Find out more about AM Grants here.